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Tulare Tips

Tulare SD Tips

January Tulare Tips

This Tulare Tip affects everyone in Tulare SD in one way or another.

Wondering what our South Dakota legislature worked on for 2020? Here is a link to all the House and Senate bills and resolutions. Each bill will have a brief description. You can click the HB number link next to the individual bill to see its detailed wording and legislative actions. 2020 South Dakota Legislative Bills

Once you go to a bill’s page, you will see the legislative actions on the bill with dates. If reading this after March 30, 2020, you can look at the last item of a particular bill to see if the Governor signed it into law.

To see the bill’s detailed wording: Scroll to the bottom of the bill page and click Enrolled under the HTML version. If there is not an Enrolled option, the bill may not have been passed along the way. You can read the initial bill wording by clicking Printed.

Watch legislators in action. You can watch hour long recaps for each week’s South Dakota legislative session on SDPB Statehouse. 2020 is considered Season 38. Make sure to click Season 38! Normally there are 8 or 9 recaps in a season.


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