Tulare Tips

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Tulare Tips

Tulare SD Tips

July Tulare Tip:

New South Dakota Laws as of July 1st 2018! Use this State of South Dakota link to see what was signed into law. Most go into effect July 1st.

Watch Tulare Venture cable on your computer from anywhere there’s internet!
Follow these simple registration instructions from this link. You will need your Venture account number and last name on account when setting up your login for WatchTVAnywhere. Depending on the channel, you may have to login a second time (once at WatchTVAnywhere.com and again on the channel site. Some people tell their browser to remember this login, so it is easy to enter when needed. If you are using an internet TV device such as Roku, you may need to follow the instructions on your tv screen that will tell you to go to the channel website and enter the code you see on the tv, then it will ask you for the login. Some channels will require that you update the login once per month.

Program your Tulare Venture TV remote!  Follow these pdf instructions on Venture’s site.

Tulare Venture TV Schedule! Venture TV in Tulare You may want to use the Customize Your Listings link at the top of the page, but it may be able to detect your location automatically. Choose the Venture Comm Gettysburg Digital option.

Does the South Dakota State Treasurer Owe you Money Tip: Use this link or visit sdtreasurer.gov to check if you or a relative are on the list! Usually you can just enter a last name without the town or zipcode, then read through the names and locations to find yourself or a relative. You should be able to recognize the past address and probably the company the money is from. You may have to look at more than one screen of results or change the number of results to display. Property can range from small to large, but will show if under or over $100. There are instructions for submitting a claim. If you have lived in another state, you may want to check that state too! You can use unclaimed.org to search any state. You may also want to look at some of the tools on this usa.gov web page for bonds purchased after 1974, tax refunds, pension funds, bank failures, SEC investor repayment, FHA mortgage insurance refunds, and Dept. of Labor unpaid wages. Always beware of scammers that require money to process your claim! The government will not call you. Always make sure you are on a legitimate website! For example, before proceeding with a claim revisit the website by typing in sdtreasurer.gov or unclaimed.org instead of using a link or Google search link. Always be careful offering personal information until you know for sure who you are talking to!

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